How Much Do Hackers on the Dark Web Charge For Services?

The Dark Web is a treasure trove of illicit and criminal goods and services for sale. And, in fact, cybercrime is one area that it covers. You can hire a hacker to carry out any of these tasks for you, from website hacking to DDoS assaults to custom malware modifications to altering teaching grades. But […]

Hiring a Hacker? Consider These Points

To hire a hacker today is a difficult ordeal for several reasons. Is it worth it or not?  Here are some things to consider: Financial Implications The cost of hiring a hacker is frequently a topic of discussion. It can cost from anywhere between the low hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands, depending on […]

4 Reasons Why Hackers Are Dangerous

Nearly every traditional sector has shifted the bulk of their operations online – banking, shopping, entertainment, etc. However, the risk to companies is that their data is easily accessible to hackers unless they have a robust security system in place. Likewise, with private individuals, all of your data is transferred and saved digitally, hence it […]

How Do Hackers Cover Their Tracks?

Hacking has become a common game in the cyber world. With the constant battle between cybersecurity and hackers, there are still a few ways that hackers can use to cover their tracks. There are several network monitoring tools, incident response solutions, threat intelligence software and more to track down hacking. But there is no denying […]

Famous hacker groups from China

Russian or American hackers are probably the ones that we usually hear about, but there are a lot of Chinese hacker groups that have had their fair share in huge cyber-attacks and data leaks. it is believed that most of them have ties with the Chinese government, though there is no confirmation of such information. […]

Hiring a hacker to crack Facebook passwords? Read this first!

You must have heard of innocent people or big companies being scammed by hackers. Putting your personal information on the internet comes with risks attached. No matter how strong a given platform’s privacy and security policy is, a hacker knows how to surpass the e-surveillance. But how exactly do these hackers access passwords of social […]

Hiring a hacker on the dark web? Read this first.

cost to hire hacker

If you are trying to find out whether it is possible to hire a hacker on the dark web in order to hack your cell phone or email, the answer is ‘yes’. However, it is not our purpose to leave internet users with a negative impression of the dark web, because there’s a lot more […]

How to Hire A Hacker

where to hire hackers online

Before we discuss where and how to hire a hacker, we need to acknowledge that we live during an era where our lives have become inextricably integrated with the internet. With the onset of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a shift in the way people work. With “Work from home” gaining momentum, it […]

Is the Gaming Industry Under Attack From Hackers?

gaming accounts hacked

The gaming industry is probably one of the biggest industries worldwide. From attracting billions of dollars every year, it has also managed to attract some hackers at the same time. The gaming industry has been facing a hard time trying to trace these attackers. They have been targeting famous games, as well as their community […]

Postal Service Almost Hacked – Using Insecure Apps For Years!

The USPS or United States Postal Service has been using apps with major bugs present. As the United States prepares for elections and is fighting over the use of mail-in ballots, it seems the USPS software isn’t up to date. The bugs in the apps in question could make all the sensitive data of employees […]