How to hire a hacker

Hiring or renting a hacker on the dark web is easy. Our site will explain the process, helping you to do it easily and confidentially.

The ultimate guide for hiring a hacker

With the internet playing a greater role in our life, so do hackers. If you want to hire a hacker online, you have to go to the dark web in most cases. Most only see the bad side of what they do, but few do know you can also hire a hacker for yourself, and take advantage of their skills for your own life. In this guide we will show you step by step how you can find a hacker and how to hire a hacker.

how to rent a hacker

Where to find hackers for hire in 2021?

On the normal internet, it is hard to find real hackers for hire, since they seek anonymity for their job.

So you will have to go to the dark web if you want to find a good hacker.

To access the dark web you need the tor browser from or for android phones there is Orbot and the Orweb browser.

Once you have a Tor browser installed you can access the dark web.

Best sites for hiring a hacker

In this guide we also want to show you a few web sites where you can hire a hacker:

One relatively new but well known website for dark web hackers for hire is


You need Tor browser to access the site.

Once you are there you can choose what services you are interested in, and if you decide to order their hacking service, all you have to do is open an account and send them some bitcoins.

These days bitcoins can be bought at many places, just google “where to buy bitcoins using XYZ” or “Where to buy bitcoin in country XYZ”.

Another site that offers hacking services is Rent-A-Hacker, it already exists since many years and is also well known on the dark web.

The link to Rent-A-Hacker is:


Again, you need Tor browser to access the site, see above.

And that is basically all you need to know, which site you choose is up to you. They all provide similar service.

Whatever type of hacking job you want them to do, as long as you pay for it, they will do it.

They offer DDOS service, general website hacking, smartphone remote control, stealing sensitive data or whatever else hackers can do.

What can hired hackers do?

In short, just about anything. Social media account hacking, iPhone and Android hacking, computer hacking, changing grades, improving credit scores and more.

How to rent a hacker online?

Your best bet is to use the contact links above and then speak to several hackers. Remember you’re interviewing them, not the other way around.

How long does it take to hack?

Depends on what it is. A phone, an email account, a database, a hard drive? Are you hiring a team of hackers or just one individual? Your results will vary.

How much does it cost to hire a hacker?

Nearly all hackers will accept payment in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Monero, etc). If it is a difficult project, you can expect to pay accordingly, but even simple tasks start at $300-500 or so.

How do hackers work?

Renting a hacker is different depending upon what the task is. Some will be quite responsive, while others may not talk with you if your project doesn’t interest them or if they are too busy.

Conclusion: Hiring a cheap hacker

As you can see, it is really not hard to find a hacker for hire on the dark web.

Everything you need is the Tor browser and some money in Bitcoin, which is both easy and intuitive to use these days.

And both Tor and Bitcoin will provide you the needed anonymity for hiring a hacker, they won’t know who you are, and you won’t know who they are.

There are a handful of places where you can buy bitcoin: Coinbase, Binance, LocalBitcoins, and Coinmama are just a few to get you started. The process is quite clear, which you can find on their respective site.

Remember: real hackers are people who have been instrumental in building and refining the technology we use every day. Finding a hacker to hire online is challenging because there are many misnomers about hacking, whether ethical hackers for hire or otherwise.