Are you a looking to hire a hacker or coder for your next big project? Don’t be discouraged, as like-minded hackers are often just as eager to work with the general public. Most website owners bring valuable perspectives to data-driven tools and services, making the relationship between the average person and hackers a symbiotic one.

Of course all of this comes with a caveat: we did not endorse malicious hacking of any sort. this is for information purposes only, however we do realize that there are a number of legitimate cases such as where a person legitimately owns a social media account, email address or other digital property that they have lost access to.

It has been shown for a number of years that those who staff these organizations are relatively unwilling to provide access or even interact with customers who have questions.

One of our friends had an Instagram account for over 10 years and and changed their phone number before realizing that Instagram would require a are confirmation code when he signed into his new phone. Of course they would only send it to the original phone number And even though he provided them with pictures of his passport and so on, they never responded to his emails And he lost the account.

If you’ve been struggling to find answers to your problem, and have already tried searching for terms like ‘how to hire a hacker Reddit’ with no success, the following tips will help you find the perfect hacker for your project:

Post on Hacking ForumsĀ 
Look for forums on the dark web that cater to programmers who specialize in hacking and might be right for for your project.

For example, if you need someone to get your social media accounts unlocked, search for a hacker who specializes in this area. Most forums have topic-based threads. Hacker groups are known to hang out in places like this.

Ask Friends or Look in Your WorkplaceĀ 
You might be surprised to find that the skills you need are already present within your circle of friends. Who doesn’t know a programmer these days? They’re often very connected to other programmers, including hackers or those with pen-testing skills.

Alternatively, you could take a stroll around the technology and IT departments at your job to see if anyone is a good fit for your project, assuming it is legal. You might have your own Mr. Robot sitting in a cubicle across your office, for all you know.

Hiring a great hacker can be challenging, especially for regular people with limited budgets.

In conclusion, finding a great hacker for your project requires some effort, but it’s well worth it in the end. By using the tips in this guide, you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect hacker to bring your vision to life.