Do you ever wonder what hackers do?

Have you ever heard of hacking and wondered what it’s about, How it’s done and the many uses hacking has to offer? Well then this article is for you!

Hacking can be defined as a way of entering into a computer with the use of an external device (a USB) or any other electronic device with data transfer capability. To gain access someone must have an existing account on the targeted PC which will give them full access after hacking.

This can pose as a security threat because anyone who gains access to personal information such as passwords, credit card details etc. However this method is not always guaranteed to work and most computers now come with anti hacking software installed on their system so it may prove difficult for some.

Hacking is the act of hacking into a computer. People who are hacking are usually called hackers, And have many different reasons for hacking people’s personal computers.

It may be for fun or to help someone else gain access to their accounts. Hackers can hack anything from email accounts to your social media account on the internet. Read more about types of hacking in 2022 here.

Types of hacking

Most people believe that hacking is all about gaining access to your personal data like bank information, But there are other types too like Fun hacking where you hack someone’s website and prank them by posting something on it! Or Denial Of Service (DDoS) hacking which denies services until they pay some money. This type of hacking is also known as Ransomware and some hackers even allow others to hire them for a fee in order to engage in activities like this.