You may have your ideas about what it’s like to explore the Dark Web and heard many dark web hacker tales. For many, entering this virtual realm is akin to entering a lawless online wasteland populated with robbers and scammers who are out to get you in every manner possible.

Fortunately, the Dark Web isn’t nearly as hazardous as you may believe. While darknet hackers and robbers do exist in these digital worlds, there’s no doubting that there are a few easy precautions you can take to protect yourself and keep yourself secure.

You can minimize the danger of getting into trouble and having a relatively trouble-free experience by keeping these things in mind as you explore the Dark Web, and while remaining conscious as you do so.

Today, we’ll look at the things you need to know about staying safe as well as facts regarding online browsing and avoiding becoming a high-profile deep web hacker.

We’ll talk about how you can stay safe when browsing the Dark Web, ensuring that you’re able to defend yourself against Dark Web hackers who might hack and steal your information or cause damage to your computer system.

Use the Tor Browser to access the site

The Tor Browser is the most secure browser for accessing the Dark Web. The source code of virtually every other available browser for accessing the Dark Web is derived from that of the Tor Browser.

It’s better to utilize the Tor browser rather than your regular internet browser since your online activity will flow through numerous Tor servers, making it extremely difficult to track and keeping you anonymous.

Avoid Payments Where Possible

Of course, if you need to make a payment and the source is one that you trust, go ahead and pay with crypto. If you have concerns about the payment system’s legitimacy, don’t provide your personal information to a hacker darknet individual who may use it against you.

In general, however, you should avoid making payments on the Dark Web if at all possible since doing so will expose your financial information online, and you can never be sure who’s watching or where that data is going to go or be stored.

Avoid unlawful behavior

There’s always the chance that something isn’t what it appears to be where there is an illegal activity. If you’re engaging in unlawful activities on the Dark Web, you’re significantly increasing your chances of something bad happening and opening yourself up to a darknet hacker infection, after which becoming a part of some of the more contemporary deep web hacker tales.

Use a VPN

The first step is to install and use a VPN software. This stands for Virtual Private Network, and it’s intended to cloaking your IP address and revealing it when browsing the Dark Web.

For example, if you are online in your home in Chicago, a darknet hacker in Buenos Ares might be able to see your location, browser, and IP address, which may allow them to access your personal information and physical address.

However, a VPN is able to mask your location and make it look like you’re online at any other place on the planet, making it tough for the hacker to track you.

This VPN trick has a legitimate use as well, if you’re geo-blocked from certain websites due to your location, or if you want to build a new social media account without having to give up your privacy in the process.

Avoid Visiting Malicious Sites

You never know what a link may do to your computer, and it might even begin the installation of a virus or other harmful software. In some situations, it may create a back door into your computer network that allows a darknet hacker to steal your information. This is something you should do while browsing both the clearnet and the darknet. If you’re given a URL and don’t know what it leads to, where it’s connected to, or what it does, you should avoid clicking it at all costs.

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