Before we discuss where and how to hire a hacker, we need to acknowledge that we live during an era where our lives have become inextricably integrated with the internet. With the onset of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a shift in the way people work. With “Work from home” gaining momentum, it has become even more vital to take notice of cybersecurity.

Hiring and paying a hacker is one way to learn where the vulnerabilities are in your personal OPSEC. In this era of digitization, hackers have even more leverage to attack personal information than ever before, but they can also be used to uncover problems we all have with maintaining our data safely.

“But where can I hire a hacker?”, you may be asking. Read on…

Where Hackers Meet – The Hidden Part Of The Internet

In times where the world is spending increasing amounts of their time online, hackers are actually all around us, but not in broad daylight.

Whatever your reason for wanting to know how to hire hackers, there’s really just one place to look…the dark web.

Dark web markets are secretly thriving behind our backs while many of us take cybersecurity lightly. With countless cases of data breaches, hacked cell phones, private information on sale, etc., that are taking place every day, the need of the hour is to be aware.

The threat of hacking grows around us, so it is crucial for everyone to know how to safeguard their information from getting into the hands of malicious hackers.

The first step is simply to increase awareness of where hackers can be found.

The dark web is a concealed side of the internet that cannot be found through normal search engines. Most people become aware of this part of the web after reading horrific news of data breaches. Items like stolen accounts, passwords, medical information, corporate data, etc., can be found on sale on the dark web markets. Of course, one can also rent a hacker on the dark web as well.

The portal to this world is the TOR browser, an open-source browser, which we talk about here.

Most people underestimate the threat that the dark web poses to their security. It has been said that the dark web may comprise anywhere from 5%-16% of internet traffic, with most of it coming from illicit activities. To add to this, a study by the University of Surrey highlighted the fact that at least 60% of the goods and services sold on the dark web create a potential risk for enterprises. This is why some companies hire ethical hackers to find gaps in their security networks.

Ignorance Is The Biggest Mistake

How do hackers access information, though? There are a number of methods, from brute force attacks to social engineering, but each method exploits a vulnerability in the system. Perhaps people dream of hiring a hacker to fix their credit score, hack a phone, hack a social media account, or hack an email account. But most real hackers are interested in larger activities, where the payout is much larger. Like gaining multiple passwords, ranging into the millions.

According to a study, 80% of data breaches have occurred due to having a weak password. A staggering 92% of people admit of reusing a password even after being fully aware of the repercussions.

Due to an increase in cybersecurity breaches over the years, companies see that it has become vital to invest in good security measures. With increased usage of the internet for almost everything in life, there is always a risk of cyberattacks by black hat hackers. You will be shocked to learn that from 2013, there have been more than 9.7 million cases of data being stolen and lost over the net. What is alarming is that this number is only increasing by the day.

Save Yourself From Being Hacked

If you’re not ready to hire a hacker online to secure your business network, but just want to ensure your own data is safe, there are measures that you can take to save your private information from reaching the dark web. There are now ways to check whether your information is posted somewhere on the dark web. Dark web monitoring, password protection techniques, adept cybersecurity measures, etc., are some of the ways to secure information online, and there are companies that deal with each of these, but since we do not have direct experience with any of them, we cannot recommend one over another.

It is necessary to inculcate strong password practices for your personal accounts in case someone has hired a hacker to attack you. You should always be mindful of using different passwords for varied accounts, and changing the passwords periodically.

Summing Up

Cyberthreats are here to stay as long as we build our lives around the internet. However, just as you can hire or rent a hacker online, you can also use the net safely by undertaking vital cybersecurity measures. It can save your private data from reaching into the hands of hackers.