SQL injection hacking is a type of hacking where the attacker takes advantage of vulnerabilities in a website’s database in order to access sensitive information or even take control of the site. This is one of the most popular tools hackers use to gain access to networks and databases in 2022.

How do hackers use SQL injections?

A SQL injection exploit occurs when you request input from a website user, such as their login details, and the user provides you with an SQL statement rather than a username and password.

One way that hackers for hire like to exploit a SQL injection vulnerability is by inputting malicious SQL code into web form fields that are not properly sanitized. If the web application does not properly escape or remove this malicious code, it may be executed by the database server, resulting in the attacker gaining access to sensitive data or being able to execute arbitrary commands on the server.

Another way that SQL injection can be exploited by hackers on the dark web is through URL parameters. If an attacker can manipulate a URL parameter to inject malicious SQL code into a query, they may be able to gain access to sensitive data or execute arbitrary commands on the server.

Protecting yourself from SQL injections

To protect against SQL injection attacks, it is important to sanitize all user input and escape any special characters. Web application firewalls should be in place and rigorously tested during pentesting the application prior to public launch. Additionally, it is best practice to use parameterized queries whenever possible. By using parameterized queries, you can ensure that the database will only execute the code that you intend it to, and not any malicious code that an attacker or hired hacker may have injected.