Hacking has become a common game in the cyber world. With the constant battle between cybersecurity and hackers, there are still a few ways that hackers can use to cover their tracks.

There are several network monitoring tools, incident response solutions, threat intelligence software and more to track down hacking. But there is no denying that hackers are hacking even in their presence. So, here is a quick overview on ‘how do hackers cover their tracks?’

Hacking Trusted Platforms

Most reputed platforms like GitHub use automation tools for detecting threats. Hackers can find the loophole in such automated tools to collect data without raising the alarm.

Upstream Attacks

You can hire a hacker to do many things…some more ethical than others. Hackers initiate supply chain attacks to capitalize on brand reputation or brand value. Preventing such attacks requires defense on multiple fronts. In most cases, such trails go undetected for months.

Cryptocurrency Payment Trails

Even though cryptocurrencies are somewhat secured payment methods, hackers can funnel data from cryptocurrency payment trails with several tactics. They use hard-to-trace methods to ensure that nobody tracks the information funneling to them.

Through Common Channels

Hackers use trusted and common protocols and channels to enjoy the benefits of end-to-end encryption while they invade others’ privacy. For instance, hackers use HTTPS or DNS to bypass regular security checks. There are serious consequences if hackers do get caught, of course, so this is a dangerous game.

Through Signed Binaries

Living-off-the-land binaries (LOLBINs) is a well-known hacking technique that hackers use to hide their tracks. Even after so many similar attacks, most companies do not have a security check to prevent or detect such attacks.

Wrapping Up

Hackers have always found a loophole in the system. While some are identified, most of them are successful in hiding their tracks. It is important to invest in security software that reduces such threats from hackers. Companies must invest wisely in cybersecurity to prevent a larger brand reputation damage due to hacking.