The gaming industry is probably one of the biggest industries worldwide. From attracting billions of dollars every year, it has also managed to attract some hackers at the same time. The gaming industry has been facing a hard time trying to trace these attackers. They have been targeting famous games, as well as their community platforms.

An Underground Business Worth Billions

Hackers have managed to bag billions of dollars by stealing and trading gaming accounts. This business is so huge that it operates somewhat as an enterprise in itself. People here work under the guise of developers, salespeople, managers, etc. Hackers have been stealing in-game features like player skins, currencies, and much more that later get sold over illegal forums. They have been hacking into used and abandoned gaming accounts alike and making money out of them. These hacked accounts are sold over public cloud services and lesser-known e-commerce platforms.

Popular Games On Target

Given below are some famous games that have been targeted in the recent past by the attackers:
 Hacked gaming accounts of four popular games like Fortnite, Minecraft, Runescape, and Roblox alone constitute $700 million dollars.
 Due to an enormous Nintendo Leak, sensitive information about Mario, Pokémon, and Zelda was revealed to the public.
 A JavaScript library behind the mask of a “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” game was caught red-handed stealing sensitive files from the Discord app and user’s infected
 Sensitive data of more than 1.3 million users of Stalker Online were found to be on the dark web for unlawful sale.

Summing Up

The gaming industry needs to tackle this issue with a careful and systematic approach. They will need to find ways to safeguard both their products and their customers. One of the best ways to tackle the increasing misuse of gaming accounts is to keep strong passwords, and timely updating them.